> Candida the saliva, the può to change the pH of the skin?

In Italy, when we talk about sessualità, you will come across countless walls of rubber. The simple question I posed to his colleagues is: my girlfriend, after a oral sex, followed at a distance of one or two days it appears the candida.

Wonder if the licking removed the protection, or alters, via saliva, the ph of the skin. For courtesy I can provide a response?


Very nice, I would say that the licking of sè does not alter pH.

First of all, you need to be sure that it is really white and not an irritation appellant is not linked to the development of the fungus.

Also, it might be that the secretions of his girlfriend to change the pH, but even in this case it is candida, the organism favored by these changes.

What makes us sure that the trouble is that his girlfriend feels is really due to candida?

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10 may 2012