> I have candida, should I abstain from relations even if protected?

The gynecologist, she prescribed fluconazole 200 even to my boyfriend, but without visiting it: now I wonder, is the case that we ask for a urologist, or può to follow the cure?

Before I came to know about the infection, I and my boyfriend we also had oral sex. Not è been found to be any symptom, but we should still let us see?

If yes, by whom? During treatment, we must refrain from having intercourse, even if protected? At the end of the month should I take the pill, and in that period I would still be in care. The care affects the function of the pill?

And the pill – and, hence, the relationship – affects the care?

Thank you for your kind attention.


Dearest, the candida is a regular guest of the vagina, and the reaction in a pap test of its presence does not automatically lead to a therapy eradicante.

don’t you tell me that if you have troubles and I can’t help you regarding the advice that you ask me.

you don’t need an urologist for your boyfriend, if he has not disorders and candidiasis oral usually intervene only in immunocompromised individuals.

The thing you have to be careful is not to eat too many sweets and carbohydrates in general, and to take vegetables and yogurt, to keep your gut in good condition.

in fact, the intestine is the real reservoir of candida and the person responsible for her to migrate to the vagina. In addition, it is also helpful not to wear undergarments sintentici and tight pants.

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12 September 2013