> Correlation between fibroids and dysplasia

a friend of mine, via the pap-test, è was diagnosed with a dysplasia of the neck of the uterus of class CIN 1. The gynecologist says that you can perform another pap-test in three months. It would not be advised to colposcopy? When could you do it? my friend recently gave birth (October 2002), and già when she was pregnant, the gynecologist it is realized that she had a fibroid (c’è still). The dysplasia can be related to the fibroid?

In fact, in Northern Europe no one does a colposcopy in a woman who has a CIN 1 before it was confirmed a few months later because; more than halfà of these alterations disappear from the sun. Do the colposcopy in these cases means, in effect, the più times subject to biopsy, and treatment of women which in fact had nothing that could not pass alone. On the other hand, è true that può also to advance, but calculates that in screening programmes is expected of the times until two years before processing.

In other programs it is, however, colposcopy and biopsy, and is expected after the diagnosis is confirmed. In general, the expectation of three months, with repetition only of the pap-test is an attitude that, if for you is good, you can; also make. If you want to immediately make an assessment of the depth, being the fact that between the over-processed and under-processed the balance is difficult to establish, then, in effect, the examination indicated is the colposcopy, performed according to us in the public service of preventing cancers, which offers the best guarantee of balance…..

In the Veneto region there is a screening program and if the colleague who performed the pap test is a part of sarà she can get you on your way to the colposcopy when sarà the time. If, however, you want the indication of a public centre for qualityà please let us know. Between the fibroid and the dysplasia is not c’è no correlation

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