> Ectopia: also called piaghetta, is dangerous?

my gynecologist had told me to treat it with the eggs, but now at a distance of time (and after childbirth) is returned.

Many of my friends advise me to remove it with laser, but I’m afraid of the side effects that could hinder a future pregnancy and we were thinking about the second child.

What is the best cure?


The piaghetta does not exist. The ectopia is a normal way in which is done to the neck of the uterus.

If your pap test is normal and you have no reasons for your to ask for it to be remove type, that you lose blood during intercourse or the other is absolutely not treated, n is burned, n is the laser nè with no other means.

Not only is harmless but it is not; just nothing of nothing of nothing. It is normal, as is normal with your nose in the middle of the face.

The doctors 100 years ago believed that it was a disease and the cauterizzavano thinking così to prevent cancer of the neck of the uterus.

The modern medical that still think that it is a disease to be treated, or they are backward, and therefore it is better to change, or do it for reasons that are not health care, and so better change them even moreù (best the ignorance or the bad faith in a doctor? I don’t know).

In both cases, I would change doctor finchè I can’t find a gynecologist that to the question, “cos’è the piaghetta” no replies “an old way of saying something that is completely normal”.

I recommend you not to touch and not to spend money, unless your pap test, or your colposcopy no outlining of anomalies…

To your friends, the point is only that the laser costa di più, not sure that is an advantage for them, unless they have done a treatment for a pap test, abnormal, and do a little bit of confusion about the treaty a piaghetta.

let’s Talk again if you want, if you tell me where are you you are us /the gynecologist who tells you that the ectopia is one of the normal modes to be the neck of the uterus.



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28 aprile 2012