> Fibroids and uterus removal

Live from when I was a little più twenty years with the fibroids, removed around 24 years to be able to deal with a pregnancy (ivf), which is then not è went to a good end.

fibroids are then reformed, and kept always under control I got to the point of thinking about deleting it because I feel that lately I create a pò problems.

The problem is that no one explains to me in a way that is clear, above all, to understand and be aware of the choice you makeò, what andrò meeting, if you willà to remove the uterus and ovaries.

Almost all tend to surgery with removal of everything. I want to clarify that are not yet in menopause. In the last few years I have not had a specialist unique reference.

What I want is to have a specialist to refer me to accompany you in your choice and that I can spieghare in a clear way the pros and cons, and how to deal with the thing.

I don’t know if you need other specific data or other information, but what I want most now is a reference speicifico in line with my needs to be able to develop and/or deepen this issue.

thank You for your attention. Best regards.


Dearest one, the fundamental point, roughly, is that the less you work and the better news is, that in the end are about to go into menopause and your uterus rimpicciolirà, but if you’re hurt (and this only you can say), and we expect great benefits from this removal (but I would never do it to remove the ovaries!!) then it is worth to take it off immediately… only the uterus, forò, and maybe even all!!

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let’s Talk about it again, if you want..

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