> Are positive for the Hpv test

The problem is that on the analysis that I have left (I did everything in the hospital), the doctor did not è was very clear and read the analysis at the family doctor, even he can not understand.

I write to you what there is written on the analysis with the hope that I might be able to help.

TECNICA SPECIAL : HYBRID CAPTURE2-DIGENE HPV/DNA test (hybrid capture2-digene) :

LOW RISK: Negative


LEGEND: POSITIVE > 1 HPV LOW-RISK :tested strains 6-11-42-43-44 HPV HIGH-RISK strains tested 16-18-31-33-35-39-45-51-52-56-58-59-68 please help…


Dear if your pap test is not c’è no problem.

in Fact, almost all women sooner or later take the papilloma virus, high risk or low risk, and the vast majority of them deletes it, spontaneously, without any need to do anything.

one of the few women that persists to occur of the alterations that can (but not always) result in a cervical cancer.

In your particular case you have a virus at high risk for the tumre of the cervix that is not dà no hassle.

Best così, relaxed.

of Course, is a bad company, for which you have to do the pap test regularly, every year, or più often.

With each probablità will stayà negative.

If, instead, becomes impaired, you will do a colposcopy to see if it will create a number of problems to deal with.

in Short, don’t have to do anything at all, and you have to be quiet, not forgetting to control yourself.

Where I work the women with a negative pap test never do the test to HPV, why is our pap test are of excellent qualityà.

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let’s Talk again if you want.

Ciao Vdd


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