> Genital warts test Hpv negative, how is that possible?

Hello, and thanks first of all for your service. Years ago, following a pap test from the results is not very clear, I have submitted to a colposcopy where, fortunately, nothing important è came out of, if not the usual candida with which I’ve been competing for years and a form of condilomatosi.

I run così the Hpv test which is a negative result.

In the meantime warts were significantly increased in time and known for many years, and in the mouth, a shape of the papillae swollen and bubbles that periodically present, they disappear from the sé.

my doubt is this: può be condilomatosi in the mouth and if così was like è possible that the test Hpv has lied così shamelessly?

I add that this time I did check the mucous membranes of the mouth from a nose and throat specialist, a speech therapist, a dermatologist and a dentist. No one has been able to give a response.

Someone told me that maybe stems from problems in my personal autoimmune, someone instead gave me the hypochondriac,

You what it weighs?


Dearest one, actuallyà the presence or absence of the HPV virus does not è così important, the important thing is not to have injuries pre.

Also the sun is a risk factor for skin cancer but we go to the sea, there abbronziamo and many of us are even (!!) the lamp.

If your pap test is normal, and none of these specialists that has held your taste buds in the oral worthy of a biopsy I’d quiet.

HPV è a bit like those diseases that have the children at the kindergarten, certain that can take the meningitis, and sometimes unfortunately, they do as well.

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But respiratory diseases are frequent and all the mothers lead them to the asylum trying not to think about it, otherwise you are not living più!!

my advice therefore is; do the pap test, take a look any time, with or without colposcopy, and then if the doctors tell you that you don’t have anything don’t think about it until the next check.

No smoking, eat the fruit, drink a few alcoholic beverages, do a little bit of movement in the open air (protecting yourself).

These are the measures best to not have any problems with the viurs !!

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