> Papilloma virus and the immune system, what to do?


Dearest how old is your daughter? All the girls take the papilloma virus sooner or later, and the great majority of them, it will delete it by myself without no problem.

Così as you take the measles (even if now you do the vaccine), or the chicken pox, or cough all winter, when he begins to go to school.

of Course, sometimes, ahimè c’è also the meningitis, but not for this cease to send their children to school or nursery.

If your daughter has less than 25 years old is totally normal to have the papilloma virus.

In the screening of european cancer is not recommended to make the pap test before the age of 25 years, becauseè the cervical cancer è very rare (very very più rare that they go under a car crossing the street) and because; in these years, the girls live their history immune with the papilloma virus or with various strains of papilloma virus, and usually eliminate spontaneously.

For the rest of the immune system have of their roads that we do not know così well, it can be said that lose weight and to distress them more the damage really is. I am a little chatter in the wind.

Maybe, but the body is active and works better, as there is a stress from the drought; and fatigue…

forò the test of the girls means to make them a psychological damage (you have a virus that will beà to come the cancer, and you took making love) that is absolutely balanced from a health advantage in the future.

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Può be it’s important to know if large women still, because it; among the big women, over 25 years, and over 30, who still have the virus, there are those that are likely (likely, not necessarily will fall ill of cancer of the neck of the uterus.

This means that a large woman, that is; over 35, who do not have the papilloma virus (cioè who has deleted it after taking it) willà also not to do the pap in the future, repeat the test after 5 years, and in some countries, già è così.

All, therefore, unless we are married from virgin with a partner, the virgin, we have had or will have in the future.

in Addition to this, the virgins do not have cancer of the neck of the uterus, if not in an exceptional way, even when living with women or men affected.

There must be something that still escapes us, on the subject.

I Hope to have you reassured and have made the life of più easy to your little daughter…

Ciao Vdd


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