> Hpv and uterine surgery, possibilityà of new infection?

What should I do?


Dearest one, do not take a piece of the neck of the uterus is because; you infected with the HPV, you take it away (or at least it should be così, if &is just what you do), why is the HPV has caused changes in your cells that increase the risk of having a cervical cancer in the next few years.

All the women have the infection by a papilloma virus, sooner or later, only the ones that don’t heal can sometimes have these lesions, which are those that are removed.

This tells you that the infection does not do anything, and that your boyfriend is not c’è a problem.

The healing moreover happens to achieved immune competence of staff, and then when you are healed, not will be a problem if your partner has it still.

The only problem is if you change it, or if your boyfriend goes with another woman, because; then, you can contagiarti with another type of viral and start again.

Maybe it will goà in this case, forò.

Dear greetings from all of us, write if you have any other concerns.


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