> Hpv with genital warts, the condom protects?

I said that the last visit he made in September 2012 and there were no symptoms or new warts.

In the reports we are using the condom. I do the annual pap test the results are always negative. How should I behave?

I Would like to have more information on prevention and how to manage our intimacyà.


Dear, condylomata acuminata are usually linked to theHPV low-risk, that is, those viral strains that are not linked to the onset of the cervical cancer.

This should be enough to put your mind at rest.

Unfortunately, the condom, however, does not guarantee totally that you take the virus, in fact it is mucous and skin, and then you can notò exclude that you will be infected, and in the future may have condylomata acuminata.

You’ve seen forò, which are removed easily, and at a certain point, usually also stop to return.

On the other hand you go in the pool, you go to the cinema, we go to other people, and if you get sick you care.

Unfortunately, there is no precaution that will ensure that you don’t take them… don’t infelicitare then the sexual life, visited regularly and make the pap test as you are asked by someone who’ll do the picking..

best wishes


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