> HPV – Human Papilloma Virus – Treatment and the risk to the fetus in pregnancy

He said that if I had had the virus only low-risk, it would have done absolutely nothing, but the presence of the 31 requires the interventino. I wanted to ask you one thing: what should a male who at the time does not seem to have any symptoms, but who had sexual relations with a woman who has this virus? And also, what should my old partner, the one with the warts, in order to understand which type is infected? But the condylomata acuminata of the males are always manifestations of the virus to low risk? Anyway, fortunately this virus is to come out of it before it could do major damage, and it seems there is to worry too much.

The option to do the treatment and not to wait for the outcome of the confrontation between the virus and your immune system response is coded if the virus is high-risk…means that the cells that currently hosts the virus active replication are destroyed, hopefully in a definitive way, and in fact, it seems that 90% of the cases, not repeat offenders.

What should you do him? In fact, in him we meet the figure of the male at-risk women. Should use the condom in the impromptu relationships and should decide to have intercourse without protection only in the case of a fixed relationship with the partner aware…this also applies to your former partner, the virus can live with, high-and low-risk, but I don’t know if in the man it is possible to make the search for the virus..I’ve never heard of.You,however, you have nothing to worry about, smooth control eliminates the possibilityà to become ill seriously, and then you’re quiet.

 HPV – Human Papilloma Virus – Treatment and the risk to the fetus in pregnancy I have performed the pap test for the prevention, last year in November me è was found for Hpv infection. Without taking care of any kind, now I recalled every six months for the control of the evolution (or devolution!) of the virus. Now, I have not with me the outcome of the two tests carried out since then, and positive results, but today I browsed through the pages of your site, and I find myself with the urgent desire to receive an answer to my doubts…other women find affected by hpv, with whom I have spoken, è was immediately administered a cure. To me however, no. I wonder this: since I do not è was advised, precisely, to do nothing for now (this is why I believe that the degree of risk is low), in the case of pregnancy be positive to hpv is dangerous for the fetus? And take a care when you è già in was interesting in that it is possible to or can; cause damage to the creature?

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there is No cure for the HPV that have been shown to be effective. Someone può give of the anti-infective, thinking that a neck più healthy heals better, someone a healer, and so on, but no product has ever been shown to accelerate the time or to guarantee a cure from HPV. It is now thought that HPV does not damage the fetus and there are no cures not even pregnant. There remains a little increased risk for cancer of the neck of the uterus, but if you check regularly you can find the lesions pre-and intervene così early have no problem.

 my the HPV test is positive, should I go to? do I have to do the typing? What advantages are there in knowing the various types of viruses?

The simple positivity to hpv does not mean much. The point is; if you have or not the hpv, but if you have lesions caused by the virus that may result in a future injury pretumorale. The virus, for sè, it does not mean very much, and the men, because they are not of the uterus and cancer of the neck of the uterus, not the può be must not do anything if they do not have obvious injuries.


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