> Hpv: I have a vaccine, but I have the infection, what to do?

waiting to know what strain it is, I would like to do a full screening to check the other areas of the body.

you Know advise me where can I do it in Rome?

Also, I would like to ask if there are appropriate controls for the partner…

Grazie mille


Dear, no one does a full screening for all parts of the body, and because it; never would you do that? And granted as well that you were what would you do after?

The hpv is important when changing the result of the pap test, because it; increases the risk of cancer of the neck of the uterus, and, if it does not pass, or if the lesions are of high grade, it is recommended to prevent the tumor.

For the rest nobody does anything, no one is; you are controlling partners of men.

Even the children can get meningitis at the asylum, however, no one makes a buffer for the use in the continuation kindergartens.

infection with human papilloma virus (hpv is like the measles, it is true that può cause serious damage, but è also true that in most people comes and then passes without any problem.

to Chase it in the body is likely to be an anxiety illness that alone can be a disease….

do Not smoke, do not drink alcohol, eats fruits and vegetables to help your epithelia to defend yourself.

that Said make pap test according to the ranges set by those who follow you, possibly you could ask them to be part of a screening program is free for cancer of the neck of the uterus, ce n’is one in every asl….

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let Me know, let’s talk.

ciao Vdd


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10 June 2012