> Hpv in man, è was he contagiarmi?

What type of visits must a man do and who to excludehpv or similar?

verò that must go to a dermatologist?

I would Not like that maybe he was the passarmelo and I hang up!

With everything I have in the past to return to “normal”…

Also, in the meantime, if we use a condom can I be quiet?

Thanks a lot, and luckily that you exist!!!!


Dearest one, the healing takes place because; the immune system can eliminate the virus, aided by therapy, and the fact that your partner you hang up has nothing to do with the phenomenon of ping-pong in the hpv does not exist.

è necessary n is it n is to use additional precautions.

If you then change your partner-you may take another type of virus, but this is another matter.

What you have taken the share and not c’è reason to do nothing.

If you, as is likely, after this intervention, the defeat of the all not c’è a problem of the ricontagio by your companion, nè by others, for the same virus. For other types sì.

you Are serene and best wishes of the heart.

The condom protects only 70%, this applies to ahimè, for all future relationships, both…


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may 18, 2012