> Infection by hpv 16

The colposcopy has highlighted ANTZ1 for the appearance of the epithelium of the thin white, junction squamo columnar visible esocervicale uptake uneven.

I’m a pò concerned, pap test – July had highlighted the epithelial cells pavimentose abnormal of undetermined significance (ascus) and the biopsy done in September and the diagnosis of the Mucosa of the junction squamo columnar with foglosi chronic rhinosinusitis.

I è was così prescribed a treatment with ovules.

Now I find myself with infection by hpv 16.

How is this possible? Can I make a care? My boyfriend has to make in-depth checks? I’m very worried I was not expecting to find myself in this situation, even in the face of the first outcome of the July and September.


Dearest, he says. The biopsy is negative (the inflammation of chronic rhinosinusitis does not mean nothing no nothing).

The hpv does not care, but usually he goes alone.

These controls are used, only to find out immediately of the injury, pre-cure because it is; cancer is not.

You don’t have any injury pretumorale, and then the problem is not c’è.

you are the regular controls, because; the hpv-16 può provoke them, and if there will be put.

Everything here, offers. Also the sun is starting to come to tumors, but we don’t go to the beach full of anxiety, right?

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