> The hpv Virus and genital warts burned with the laser

About two weeks ago I had sex without protection with a girl who had contracted the hpv virus.

Now I read things più disparate on the internet and all this has increased doubts and anxieties.

I would like for this to have answers to the following questions: the virus is transmitted, and then infectious, even if the warts have been burned?

There are high risks that may have contracted the virus either in the genital areas in the mouth?

it makes sense to do a visit now, at the specialist?

Può be no correlation between the hpv and hepatitis?

yesterday afternoon, I feel the insistent itching of the skin. One last thing, I guess, you should not have more unprotected sex with this person, is that right? Now the thing would be irrelevant? Thanks.


Friendly, the papilloma virus is very widespread, especially among young people, and is usually deleted spontanamente a few months after the contract.

there are 100 types, some cause the onset of condyloma, warts, also known as rooster’s head, cutting away with a scalpel, electric, laser, cryotherapy, and sometimes with a cream, and others are recognized as being responsible for the cancer of the neck of the uterus.

Not è required forò even in this case have the tumor. They are only some women those that, with time, unable to heal from the human papilloma virus (hpv develop lesions pre-and in time can give you a tumor, but diagnosed in time, heal completely.

For men, not when they are in the womb, the risks are minor, although lately have come out of the data that gives the papilloma virus as responsabiile of tumors of the mucosa in general, and then also for men.

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Cosa dirti ?

With the hepatitis has nothing to do with the itching even. For what concerns the relationship protected the condom protects only 70% and you might have già took but no, you may take it in the future from this person.

In general is a bit like if I asked you if it is the case to go on a vacation on a sailing boat, as the sun is starting to come to the melanoma.

I don’t know, I can not know what you need to do need to know you, what is right for you, and a visit also can notò to tell you if you have già taken.

Not è described the carriage with the hands on your own body.

it Might be useful to make the vaccine that protects against four types, but if you will be the same as that of the condyloma, shalt thou burn, even not with the laser, which typically costs a lot of più without offering any real advantage, but with the scalpel electric dà excellent results in experienced hands.

I Would like to also add that prevention is better to protect our mucous membranes and help the immune system è no smoking, not only for the mouth, the throat and the bronchi, but also for the genital mucous membranes.

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, varying the più possible colors, as recommended by the world Organization of the sanità and not to drink alcohol.

Riscrivimi, tell me if something is still not è clear from my response, or if I have omitted some of your doubt, hello.



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25 aprile 2012