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I have a small problem and I would like to know what you think. My boyfriend had numerous warts on the hands. I just noticed thereò I did not hesitate to send him to a dermatologist, which he promptly removed.

for a few months, but I have the same problems, and also on a particular area of the body. On the outer part of the vagina, near the anus, I have appeared in small “pimples”, something that had never happened to me. by the time they are slightly increased in volume.

I tried to “take a look” with a mirror, but very little is understood. I già booked a visit to the gynecologist, but I wanted you, I toglieste a doubt, which now torments me: it might have been my guy to send me the warts? If the pimples that feel like they were really warts, what should I do? There is a therapy that can make her disappear? please respond to the più soon, becauseé’ I’m doing so many obsessions, so much so that I am afraid of infecting my partner during sex.


In fact, all the formations of which we speak may be related to the warts virus human.

There are various types of virus and the one that causes warts on the hands and the “warts” on the genital mucous membranes, all in all, should be the più harmless.

Running on a lot of news on the virus of warts, but not è the case of scaring. It is possible that the pair you have this virus, but usually earns a good capacity to react, helped by some burning, poorly annoying if done properly, in a matter of a few months.

The scientific knowledge on this disease are somewhat confusing, perhaps the idea of using a precaution (condom) finché you’re not totally in place for a few months is a good idea.

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don’t worry, facts, see, and treat, be sure to perform a pap test and a colposcopy and you will see that you will not be any negative consequence.

P.S. we do not write where you are and if you need to be addressed at a service, hospital or university that deals with diseases of the lower genital tract, diagnosis and therapy.

When you go to make her take off and ask to perform a local anesthesia, and, in any case, to have an application from them or from you of an anesthetic cream an hour before. Some of us are more inclined to recommend homeopathic treatment, and then, if you are oriented towards this type of therapy you should consult with a homeopath.


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