> I have chlamydia, treatment with antibiotics, può be enough?

Good day I have a daughter of fifteen-year-old boyfriend, who had been dating for a year said to have contracted the chlamydia, of course, previously to their relationship and have discovered it only now.

She claims to have always had protected sex apart from one time in which he took the pill, suspended after two months because it; gave her various ailments.

of course, we are making a proper investigation: swab examination. I ask you, the treatment with antibiotics, and the buffer are hundred percent sure and in case if the tests are negative conviere do, however, care to exclude the latency of the germ in the expectation of a further test in six months?

there Might be consequences in the event that in spite of the treatment are not able to eradicate the nfezione recurrence? I would like to know everything about the problem with regard to the future relationship it would be better to avoid them completely or is enough to use the protections and to the extent related to oral how to behave in case there had been and were infected the throat, and then even a normal kiss could be the cause of transmission?

Possibly there are precautions to be used in the family, as according to what I read it is; excluding the contagion in the use of the toilets. I’m very worried in view of the young age of the girl

thank You, mom


Dearest, I’d do a short therapy to both, that is, two tablets of azithromycin together one evening and that was enough.

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once this is done I would say not to worry, the family is very difficult to transmit the disease, we are not talking of meningitis.

On the other hand, even the kindergarten children can get sick….it is part of life, offers it, have them do the therapy at all, and two, even if the findings are negative and close così the issue.

let Me know, hello


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