> Delay of menstrual cycle, menopause or pregnancy?

in Fact, the gynecologist had me do the bites of prontogest for 2 months.

Yesterday, February 26, I made another one and and negative (I’ve always done in the evening), today, February 27, I only perditine clear brownish (now 1 week), nausea, dizziness, tb 37.3 (not reliable I measured just this morning).

Can be symptoms of menopause or a pregnancy in place?

The visit to the gynaecologist I have it in a week and I don’t want to continue aspendere money in tests in the pharmacy, thank you so much (only his opinion).


Dearest one, it seems to me more likely that it is menopause rather than pregnancy, but in the meantime andrei from your general practitioner, I’d make the request for beta HCG, 17 beta estradiol, PRL, TSH,FSH,LH, and see what comes out. Così we’re safe.

Are testing for the thyroid, for menopause, for pregnancy, and for the prolactin, which is a hormone the pituitary (in the brain) può stop menstruating, and that he should get up only at the beginning of breastfeeding.

With these tests, the framework clarifies a lot.

let Us know, if you want to, hi there


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