> Menopause and irregular cycle

I have a small polyp asymptomatic riscontratomi a year ago.

I’m a pò concerned of this state of things, può kindly give me an advice?

Thank you in advance and wish you best regards


Very, of the one part &it is perfectly normal to happen in these things to età you you.

The cycle begins to not work, and then it bleeds into excess.

Gradually, these phenomena should be reduced and the mestruazionoi come less often, and less abundant.

I would Say, however, repeat an ultrasound to check, but without haste and without worry.

hormones are not più sufficient to guarantee a regular operation, and then the cycle is a bit haphazardly. And come back a little haphazardly.

do Not worry, do it anyway the ultrasound, but you will see that not c’è nothing.

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10 June 2012

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