> Menopause and delay of the cycle

Before they started for 2/3 times to appear every 2 months, lasting always 3/4 days , then after a couple of times precise every 24/25 days this month have arrived at a distance of 12 days from the end of the first that had lasted for 9 days.

And’ pre-menopause or could it be another?


Dearest, I would say that is just pre-menopause.

When the ovaries are running low you can check both delays and advances.

The delays are related to the difficultyà of the ovary to function, and advances the same…let’s just say that sometimes the cycle stops off and sometimes in mr

For the same mechanism of menstruation sometimes last a lot, sometimes very little. These irregularityà follows usually within a few months the menopause, which bears witness to the exhaustion of the activity; ovarian.

actuallyà activityà può continue as a background for many years, and this is good, because; it keeps you young on the other is an evil, because it; especially if combined with a rise in weight, can; cause a chronic stimulation of target organs, the uterus and the breast, which canò to induce them to become ill.

basically in your case, it seems to me there is nothing wrong with that. If you have had a pap test quite recently, do not worry.

If, in the months the menses are plentiful or continue to be very frequent, or do you have bleeding between periods, then better to do the investigations, sometimes there can be polyps. For the moment, from what you tell me nn I see nothing wrong with that.

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