> Menopause and pounds, what diet?

let Me explain, it is true that to delete the carboidradi and sugars is the cossa better, but, I speak in my case that the kg to lose there are not many, it would be useful to limit them, sure you can replace it with wholegrain foods, which fatalità to me they are just suits me swell.

But let me say this, my account is a pò of satisfaction, and a pò of culinary pleasure are not, then così the evil in this existence già sad and disconsolate!


I Understand very well, dear, you can decide to place a small piece of sweet in the morning at breakfast, you can choose to overdriven on Sunday. You can consume 20 grams of dark chocolate during the day.

è you can not più eat sweets or carbohydrates in an absolute way, unfortunately, forò are the responsible of that fat district that we so sorry.

you Can use dried fruit to sweeten, like the blueberries, and eat the fruit compote instead of jam and jam, and use così the sugars of the fruit.

of Course, however, is a major change, and not always is easy to accept, even for social life.

I don’t believe forò that the culinary delight depends on the sugar and carbohydrates and that’s it.

If you look for example to the recipes for diabetics, you will find many ideas very good, and così on the talisman of health published by the european Institute of oncology.

let Me know, and best wishes of the heart, hi Vdd

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