> Menopause, I have hot flashes and headaches

thank you in advance for help, in the past I did some analysis, all ok. At the age of 29 years, I have been operated of a cist, ovarian, and I have also exported the ovary and then are only an ovary and have two children.


Dearest one, these changes menstrual can safely precede the menopause, and also your età tells me that you are close to this stage of life.

Considering that you are 47 years old you might consider doing a replacement therapy up to 50 years, if you believe, or you could take supplements of soy isoflavones.

A third of the women goes into menopause without any problems and a third with disorders moderate that pass in a matter of a few years, and a third is very bad, and need medical care.

The replacement therapies according to the consensus conference input from funding (that is; the freedom to say unpleasant things for the pharmaceutical companies) say that they have to take hormones in menopause only women who do not can do without, for the dosing of più low as possible, for the shortest possible time.

that does not mean that you should never take, but that should not be given routinely to all women.

Tell me what you think.

Ciao Vdd



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12 may 2012

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