> Menopause and symptoms, I’m getting fat how do I lose weight?

I am 50 years old, six years ago, I had a hysterectomy and then removal of an ovary, thereforeò only the examination of the blood I knew to be in menopause.

The symptoms regarding not have manifested themselves in a way così obvious, some flush, the mood swings, but they are my così to say moody.

The only sign noticeable is a slight increase in weight, better if related to an increase in cm to the abdomen to the buttocks. I can’t lose weight although I try to follow the rules fondamenatli of the proper nutrition, no sausages, no fats, no alcoholic beverages etc.,

Unfortunately, pecco inactivitiesà physics, when can I walk, but my job makes me già a lot of standing, I manage a local public, for the accuracy a restaurant, and lì motion c’è nè also to lose his legs.

my question is; what can I do to lose those kg’s that bother me, not so much for the aesthetics as for the clothing that I find in the closet and not porto più and that in these times, it is better not to change.

Thanks, and sorry if it seems a question of little account.


Dearest one, menopause is easy for you to alter carbohydrate tolerance.

This means that your blood glucose rises more easily after meals, which will raise the insulin, and that the deposits of fat that goes with it is going to be deposited on the belly, and that women take little by little a figure android, that time is approaching more and more precisely to that of the men.

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then You have to, if you want to fight the overweight district control the intake of carbohydrates, which means virtually no sugar (nè sweeteners), n is in the form of glucose nè fructose, nè honey and anything sweet, then, in general, of any kind.

whole Grains, but not more than 150 grams per day, including bread, pasta, rice, crackers, wafers, bread sticks, pizza, biscuits and more.

abundant Use and abuse of vegetables of all kinds, except potatoes, which should be limited, not più than once a week and cooked carrots, which should be limited.

For each meal two or three servings of vegetables, a lean protein of your choice between fish, white meat, legumes, soy, or cottage cheese, season with a little olive oil and a fruit.

For snacks youghurt and fruit, and some almond nuts or other dried fruit (a few !! a few !! they are really too caloric).

Cheese practically nothing, such as cakes, except the parmesan cheese on the pasta. Do not skip meals, eat breakfast in the morning, nothing to jam, but maybe fruit compote without sugar and yogurt, cottage cheese or other protein that you sostenti during the day.

If you’re hungry suddenly better a box of beans a piece of bread.

In restaurants, however, often the vegetable is a bit of a cinderella, even if all the people involved in power recognize their importance.

You can, from your position, offer dishes of the più balanced, in which carbohydrates are less vegetables and protein… that I know… lasagna with asparagus cream of legumes so that the pasta is not great and the creme plentiful but not greasy.

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In this way, forò I’m invading your field ;))) .

let’s Talk about it again, if you want to, is by no means a thing of little account!!



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27 may 2012