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Corresponding to class I. Conclusion: high index (I think I read) RYAN SICUOTICO. What does it mean? I have to say that I am 56 years old.

Thanks for the response.


Really do not c’è written another? I try to throw myself into things, since you are 56 years old.

typically the your età the women are in menopause, and then have a smear-atrophic lichen, that is; the mucosa is dry, for the lack of hormones.

This cryptic sentence (maybe a word of più helped us) I think that means that your cells show a stimulus estrogenic that should not più there, according to the statistics.

it Could be that you are overweight. Women who are overweight have a hormonal stimulation increased because; the fat cells act as a reservoir for the hormones, they are subjected to transformations, and are then put back into the club.

This explains why it is usually have a lower osteoporosis (but not always), sometimes less so symptoms menopause, but also a greater risk of the formation of benign, and sometimes malignant, with regard to the uterus (the inside of the uterus) and the breast are the organs that, in postmenopausal women, should atrophy, and then get sick in the floor plan of less.

you May be also a woman of normal weight from the ovaries are still active. Not all women go through menopause and end of all their activitiesà of the ovaries.

There are women who have a little bit of activitiesà physics, which lasts in time, and that, in fact, the maintains, of course, young people.

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they Also have a low risk of osteoporosis, the normal risk for the inside of the uterus but it’s probably something moreù for the breast. You could instead perhaps be in the hormone replacement therapy, and then all would be clear. The discourse of risk is the same as that for women with ovaries are still working.

in Short, not è unclear where to throw the… women with few estrogen during and after menopause tend then to become vecchine glass and have problems with the fractures, the cardiovascular system, which thins out and sometimes have cognitive problems.

women with many estrogens, however, have the risks mentioned above.

These two women meet in… the gym. The lady più fed looking for, with the movement to reduce its risks, and the less it seeks to increase its mass. In which of these women do you recognize?

For the rest is a pap test normal.


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