> Premenopausal symptoms. The analysis used for?

Dear, transformations, and the irregularityà menstrual between 40 and 50 years tell us that the activitiesà of the ovaries are beginning to decrease.

menopause is a biological phenomenon, and every woman has its time and its rhythms, as the rain, the flowers, the trees and the eruptions of volcanoes.

The analyses are totally useless, because it; is of no use to know “at what point are you a menopause” as is commonly believed.

The thing is: “how are you?” If you have your menses too frequent and too abundant sarà better to do something because it; otherwise you anemizzi, if you have già insomnia or hot flashes, as well as to improve the qualityà of your life. If you want to have children then that is another matter.

In the complex if you are well, not c’è to do any of the analyses, which as mentioned above does nothing, but try to limit the side-effects of the progressive reduction of the functionalityà ovarian.

let Us know how you are, a dear greeting


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May 2014

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