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my gynae made me do the Moc and this is the report:

The values of densityà bone mineral at the level of L1-L4, in part, on thefluenzati by the presence of the alterations in osteoarthritic related to modest scoliosis right concave of the spine, are in the norm compared to the reference sample, for età, are slightly lower than in the reference sample (“young adult” with S. D. equal to —1.3 (without practical signified).

The densityà bone mineral at the level of the neck of the femur to the left, not influenzata by the presence of alterations in arthritis, is lower than the standard with S. D. equal to -1.2 with respect to the reference sample for età and -2.0 compared to the reference sample (“young adult” (osteopenia).

the prudential Control between approximately 24 months after any treatment.

The ginecolo advised me Angeliq, calcium and vitamin D.

Second you è a targeted selection? These parameters are of concern for my età? I would add that they are lean, they are not sedentary, and I have always followed a proper diet.


Dearest one, actuallyà the TOS is not recommended if practised only for osteoporosis.

your picture is very minimal, and I would take only the supplements, and do the movement.

The TOS is only recommended for women who do not can do without, the dosage of the più low as possible and for the shortest possible time.

In your family, women encounter osteoporosis important?

If you are very thin, the risk is higher, of course, but if you’re not very, I would say that an activityà gravitational physics, as for example the dance, the being a little in the sun, and maybe a little pilates could do for you.

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HRT causes a small increase in cancers of the breast, small but real.. is it worth it?

let’s Talk about it again, hello.


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