> Ovary micropolicistico treated with the contraceptive pill

on The 2nd of march I began to have losses brown, and continue on.

I Know that sometimes can; happen but I would like to know more specifically this: what can; lead to and, above all, what should I do if the next cycle does not arrive on the exact day?

Thank you.


Dear, you don’t have to do anything.

Può happen that with the pill you have blood loss, irregular but it is not; nothing wrong with that.

Only if it becomes bothersome for you, you canò think to change the pill.

incidentally, the micropolicistosi ovarian not è a disease that you cure with a pill.

The più of the times is the attitude of the ovaries, it is very common in young women, and if you do not è associated with obesityà, hirsutism, alteration in the rhythm of the cycles, and thinning of the hair, it can; also leaving così com’è.

And the pill is not; a cure, is a drug that puts to rest the ovaries, hoping (but not è said) that when they begin to work to do better.

For women is a relief, is also contraceptive, and reduces the noise when there are.

But not è a disease that you care, and after he heals.

best wishes


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