> Ovulation with progesterone?

I Wanted to know if l’ovulation, because now that I have a normal cycle, occurs prior to 12-14 a day or when I put the ovule.

In a previous mail, I have answered that the therapy does not help my irregular cycle, instead it helps and I’m not the only one that has solved the problem thanks to the progesterone.


Dearest, the progesterone mimics a luteal phase of normal, that is; in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, and then mestrui when the pause, and the cycle is regular, but is a bit like the pill.. the menses are normal due to the fact that you take the progesterone, but it is said that you are ovulating.

on the Contrary, if ovulavi late, and for this you were irregular, c’è also the possibilityà that with the progesterone you interrupt the first step that should be più long, by inhibiting of the facts ovulation.

in Short, the progesterone will handle the problem, but it is not said that the problem.. let me explain?


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