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vaginal discharge and vaginal itching. I don’t have sex and my problem always is that of having vaginal discharge yellowish, all day every day…in più from a couple of days, I have vaginal itching mild. In addition, about halfà the period between one menstruation and another I loss yellow soft, kind eyes.

Many women have loss during the month (sennò why would we need panty-liners?). The mucous loss, instead, correspond usually to the ovulation and can be also quite abundant. If you have a little bit of vaginal itching test for a few days to put only underwear of cotton, sleep without panties, only use a panty liner (if you use them) of cotton, (you find them in a pharmacy), wash with a mild antiseptic calendula (but not too many times per day) and remove the pants….if that doesn’t work maybe is better to see, if you tell us where you are we we address

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