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I took the test and are found positive.. what should I do?

vaginal discharge and vaginal itching in the ovary and micropolicistico Warts and condylomata my boyfriend he had a lot of warts on hands….

The my the HPV test is positive, should I go to? do I have to do the typing? What advantages are there in knowing the various types of viruses?

The Candida and the delay of menstruation Are a 21 year old I think I have candida, I’m doing lavender with sachets of chloramine or similar, and I’m seeing improvements the losses are divenando a few, forò I have a problem, I have 8 days which delays the menstrual cycle….

The Candida and the relationship after the care

Candida, it is necessary to treat the partner?

The white-and possible cancers Which difference there is between the Candida that manifests with the well-known white discharge coagulated, and that with the loss of the yellow-greenish…

The white, a long-standing infection At the end of November I had a bad Candida unfortunately, I had to neglect (I was abroad and I couldn’t do anything), then I edited and it seemed like…

Loss of blood after the menses Are a girl of 20 years, in the last year and a half I è happened 3 – 4 times to have read blood loss was approximately 13 days after the start of menstruation…

The Candida and the oral sex I Wanted to know if the candida is transmitted in oral sex. And if yes, what effects it causes in the mouth and how do you know if it has been infected.

The symptoms of cytomegalovirus The fatigue constant is a characteristic of cytomegalovirus? Furthermore, through sexual intercourse you can; to pass on the virus? It is true that there is no cure and that the disease disappears in time? There are situations in which the symptoms of the virus can remain for several years?

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I have been Suffering from a year of gardnerella: like I care? For about a year I have gardenerella and I do not è was explained precisely cos’è.. I tried about a dozen therapies……

the Correlation between fibroids and dysplasia To a friend of mine, via the pap-test, è was diagnosed with a dysplasia of the neck of the uterus of class CIN 1.

Herpes genitalis e sesso orale

in case you practice oral sex with a person suffering from herpes genitalis c’è chanceà of infection?

Burning after sexual intercourse I have relationships with my boyfriend, but già twice I have had burning when I pee. What can I do?

Cystitis I Would like to know how the factor to a mechanic during the relationship sensuality influence the onset of cystitis.

Vulval and other vaginal infections with impossibilityà intercourse,

Embolization uterine fibroid

Herpes genitale: test di screening sconsigliati per l’HSV

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