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I am 22 years old. I found out 2 years ago to have the ovaries micropolicistiche…it’s just that I’ve read that the microcisti should have a diameter of a few millimeters, while mine are quite hail, 2-3 cm in diameter. My fear unfounded or should I be concerned? And yet …

When I make love with my boyfriend I feel in the area of the lower abdomen a little pain and hear “noise”… as if the penis sbattesse against some obstacle inside and thereò cause of “squeaks”…

Sorry for the description a bit elementary, but I don’t know how best to make you understand what happens. It is a problem related to my ovaries or può be caused by something else? What tests would you recommend for me (in general), and also considered my età?

cysts of the ovary are the follicles ( the natural home of the egg ) that or they do not mature and are crowded all together, and in this case are large only a few millimeters, or do not break out after being grown up and in this case can be 2 or 3 centimeters.

In any case, usually, seen that the ovary does not perform its function properly cyclic is frequently prescribe the contraceptive pill which, in addition to solving the problem of contraception, which puts to rest the ovaries, reducing the number of follicles to be a little too mature.

If you really have the follicles così the great (but maybe the ultrasound should be repeated…..) può be what actually causes the discomfort to the reports, even though usually the ovary micro or macro polycystic not dà pain, but rather irregularityà menstrual and secondary signs of hormonal disorders such as pimples or excess hair.

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I Think that you should make you see, if you write or call and tell us where you are we can find you a reference for gynecological endocrinology in the hospital or in the Università to you più nearby.

What può cause an ovary micropolicistico

I have 18 years and I would like to know what può cause an ovary micropolicistico and if può resolve the situation.

The polycystic ovary is a condition that is not very frequent, and is often confused with the ovary multifollicolare of teenagers, who instead is normal.

do You skip a period? Are you overweight? You have too many hairs? then you canò talk of polycystic ovarian syndrome which is a genetic condition that is now in care with a diabetes, because; they are involved in many systems of the glands.

However, a gynecologist expert in endocrinology or an endocrinologist are the best thing.

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