> He would like to do it every day, to me it’s a pò less

The situation is falling, becauseè, instead, to me it’s a little (well, not really all day!) and his attitude is becoming oppressive.

it Says that it is my fault, but add that I am not ever the initiative (and then maybe not feel desired?) and who is he to expect too much… forò at the end from her behavior irritated I understand that weighs a lot.

I don’t know what I should do, I don’t want to do it unwillingly, and he even wants this, he says, but I don’t even want to lose him for such a thing (he excludes it, but if it involves così when I don’t want to…).

We have, however, a certain regularityà, we’re never more than two or three days without having relations… is normal that he has this desire così excessive? or am I that are vaguely frigid? I hope I was clear..

Thanks in advance for the answer, good job!


Dear, when you create this type of imbalance in a pair of può be a problem.

He feels rejected, and as for men in contrast to women, often sex is the measure of love, is a species of nymphomania, because it; nothing satisfies più.

You’re being hunted and you should always less, and you have the impression that he does not love you because; you will not understand.

do you Want to try to explain it to him? From this point of view, both do not feel loved, even if the reason for the opposite.

Perhaps, forò if you explain to them that you understand that you may not feel loved in the absence of sex in abundance, and to explain also that you don’t feel loved for the opposite and equal reason and maybe find a solution together.. on the other hand, had già realized by myself… right ?

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3 may 2012