> Dark circles and bags under the eyes: causes and natural remedies


the bags under The eyes (or eye sockets) are a disorder is rather frequent with advancing age. It is a swelling mild that occurs with the aging of the tissues around the eyes lose elasticityà and tend to relax.

the weakening of the muscles that help support the eyelids are the basis of what, in general, is considered to be a blemish that has no impact on the conditions of health.

In summary, it is a combination of factors, such as the stagnation of the liquids, the increase of adipose tissue and sagging skin. It is rare that the bag under the eyes take on a colourful più dark (dark circles), impairing the aesthetic disturbance.


usually the symptomatology is easily recognizable, under the eyes è più or less noticeable as a slight swelling, the skin is dilated or falling, and often appear dark circles under the eyes (usually, a build-up of melanin).

Usually the bags or dark circles under the eyes do not represent a hazard to health, however it is a good idea to ask the advice of a physician when there is itching, redness, or pain, or if the problem persists and there appears to be more severe than usual or if the swelling also occurs on the legs or in other areas of the body.

In these cases, it is necessary to exclude some diseases or conditions that may cause the disorder, such as kidney disease or liver disease, but also infectious diseases or allergic problems, problems with thyroid, high blood pressure, an incorrect power supply.


To cause the bags under the eyes is not only the age, but also an individual susceptibility to the decay of the tissue around the eyes and to the collection of fat in the orbit.

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through the years, the tissues and the muscles in the eye area tend to weaken. Here is a breakdown of the skin that gradually curves by taking the typical look of the bag. With time, this last may; begin to accommodate the fat normally present in the area surrounding the eye (orbit). The swelling, also, può be caused by an accumulation of fluids.

As we said, is not; only the aging the cause of the bags under the eyes, but also some of the predispositions for individual or life-styles is incorrect:


  • Sleep a little
  • the

  • Position in which you sleep (for example, sleeping on the side causes the compression of the cheekbones and to the awakening of the bags under the eyes are more pronounced).
  • the

  • water Retention
  • the

  • Too much salt in the diet (which causes water retention)
  • the

  • Allergies and dermatitis
  • the

  • hereditary Factors


the bags under The eyes usually are only a cosmetic problem for which not c’è need of special treatments. Sometimes, to solve the noise or at least to attenuate it, are sufficient natural remedies in place in the home, in other cases, it is important to change the habits of life that have to do with the rest and feed.


If the bags under the eyes are caused by an allergy, consult a doctor for possible prescription of a medication that fits your case. It is important to understand if the swelling is caused by cosmetics, soaps, hair dyes or other allergens.

eyelid Surgery

With the eyelid surgery the surgeon is able to reduce or remove the bags under the eyes. The surgery is performed by making a small incision in the lower eyelid which allows the removal or redistribution of subcutaneous fat in excess. Subsequently, the surgeon “pulls” the skin relaxed by applying small points of suture, and the specific patches. Typically, scars are very subtle and remain hidden in the folds of the skin.

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Natural remedies

If the bags under the eyes are caused by a period of fatigue, rest and regular sleep are già an excellent remedy. To help or hasten the reduction or disappearance of the swelling you can:


  • the get enough Sleep. Typically, eight hours are sufficient for an adult.
  • the

  • the Sleep with the head slightly raised. Use a pillow in più in order to have the head a little raised. In this way it reduces the accumulation of the fluid that tends to arise in the bags while you sleep and to help with drainage.
  • the

  • the Power supply. Reduce the quantityà salt in your diet (causes water retention).
  • the

  • the sun Exposure. Use sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays (accelerate the aging of the eyelids).
  • the

  • Toaution in detergents and cosmetics. Shampoos, conditioners, and detergents can be the cause of irritations and bags under the eyes. Similarly, the preservatives and substances contained in the wipes, cleansing, mascara or eyeshadows. It is important to rinse well after using these products, it is wise to give priority to those hypoallergenic and, most importantly, avoid those that contain a preservative called methylisothiazolinone.
  • the

  • the facial Gymnastics. It is useful to contrast the loss of tone of facial muscles and ocular. There are specific exercises to work the muscles surrounding the eye to run every day for a few minutes.
  • the

  • the cold Compress. Upon awakening, use a cloth dampened with cold water. Apply it around the eyes for a few minutes, exerting slight pressure. Many find benefit in the use of compresses of hot and cold water alternating.
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For the wraps, there are many natural remedies that use food to reduce the bags under the eyes. Among the più known c’è the one that uses the potato. Ten minutes of relaxation with two slices of potato cold on the eyes to obtain a soothing effect.

the chamomile is one of the products of the più popular. Many boil the flowers of chamomile, and after it is filtered, cooled in the fridge. Subsequently, moisten two disks of cotton with the infusion and then apply them on the eyes. This system should have a decongesting effect.

Other food è cucumber. Also in this case, it must be sliced and cooled in the refrigerator and then apply the slices on the eyes for a couple of minutes.

Finally, c’è tè green. Once you put in the boil a couple of bags, everything goes in the fridge. Then the bags you use to do the wrap.

All of these natural methods have in common that the packs should be cold, so if you don’t have the time necessary to prepare and relax (it would not hurt to find it), use cold water.


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