> Tooth decay: drugs or lifestyle?

là of the results that seems to give, this prophylaxis imposes some reflections of a cultural kind, since the message is negative on the sense of health that you are sending to the children by teaching them how to take every day, throughout their lives children (16 years!), a “medicine” (in reality, this fluoride is a “supplement” and not a drug, but it is undeniable that è così, which is experienced by the child).

Probably is culturally più correct, even if some studies tell us to be less incisive on the level of prevention of caries, to teach soon to the children to take care of the oral hygiene and eat correctly, without supplements and pharmacological.

This method forò, in addition to ensuring minor successes against cavities, è definitely moreù challenging for parents, and we understand that they may prefer the administration of a tablet, rather than having to fight becauseé the child learns to brush their teeth with regularityà and eat a few candies.

it is forò true that the “burden” has the character of an appreciable form of education to a healthy way of life, while the other method presents itself of responsibility, and teaches the children to subject the health to the drugs.

Less “invasive” of the tablets has the solution to eat the children water with adequate content of fluoride: supplementation with tablets of fluoride, in fact, must vary in dosage, and può also be “not necessary”, as it contains the water you consume.

For the health of the teeth

Diet, dental caries and health of the teeth. What do you do?

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