> Floater, a disorder, a disabling of the view

Online a project against a disorder, the crippling of vista, curated by Maurizio Pocci (Creator of the Vitreous.it). The floaters are a disorder localized in the vitreous body, a zonagelatinosa of the eye located between the retina and the crystalline condiverse functions, including to allow the passage of light and to store nutrients targeted to neighboring tissues.

In his state of grace, the vitreous is a perfectly clear.

In people suffering from floaters, tends to lose consistency, and with a sudden pop-up of debris, and protein, generally from the appearance of the filamentous, which obscure the field of view.

When this happens, the vision is as filtered through a stained glass window is dirty and the lack of brightnessà it serves to mitigate the problem. The floaters are floating in the vitreous body at every movement of the gaze, being often visible, even in conditions of darknessà and with the eyes closed.

The hope that the phenomenon can be subjected to a sort of regression, the result never in vain, as the appearance of the spots, dà a sad rebirth in the negative, accompagnerà the sick person for the whole life.

The field of view of the people affected by floaters ends così to be obscured by a lattice of vortex stains and black filaments, which in many cases causes the loss of balance and, in the other, the real impossibilityà to read and to drive.

Certainly floater does not die, and they are not the passport to the cecità, however, the qualityà of life is heavily compromised. There is something angry in the sad condition of the sick floater, which derives from the travel a road of loneliness and misunderstanding, given that today the official medicine denies him the status of suffering, but the grants, the più in general, to be just another simple case affected by a nuisance which one should not give too much weight.

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Wanting to introduce a bit of controversy, in the end, even some rare diseases, have been placed by the official medicine in a similar oblivion. Currently, there are no né care né projects ricercaspecifici acts to resolve this disorder, considered by official science is a “non-problem”.

Only the vitrectomy, which is the surgical removal of all or part of the vitreous body, seems to be the only possible solution to eliminate the floaters, but it is, in reality, a clear error of judgment.

The surgery is performed through a sophisticated surgical instrument multivalente named vitrectomo, that allows you to remove the vitreous by practicing the three holes in the sclera (the white part of the eye), while the illumination, within the area concerned, is ensured by an optical fiber.

An invasive procedure was performed as vitrectomy non può therefore, be recommended for the treatment of floaters: almost no eye care &is willing to do so solely on the removal of the mobile bodies, emphasizing, rightly, the disproportion between the purpose of a similar procedure and all the risks connected to it.

it should also Be noted that the vitreous is not sarà replaced, therefore, those undergoing this surgery, you will liveà for the rest of your life without that special protection that the membrane secured to the eye.

The floaters are not a disease is rare, but only in recent times, it is possible to find on the Internet some response in più to the thousand and one questions of a communityà of the sick, certainly not entirely satisfied by the trafiletti stunted that encyclopedias medical have been able so far to give them.

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In this scenario, così misty sees the light the Vitreous.en, with its load of detailed information, and a forum that, without the forms of sectarianism, wants to be a free port for all those who are in this condition, eager to feel less alone.

the Vitreous.it is proposed to have, as a parameter of the primary mission, that of being constantly updated about all of usò that concerns the più recent novità from the world of research and that, in some way, can complement, or take in parallel, issues related to pathologies, vitreous floaters.

Lately there have been new and important discoveries oriented to the way in which the vitreous degenerates with the progress of the età. Understanding these mechanisms could give, in the future, a vision that reveals, around a disorder menomante that seems, at the present state of the facts, still live in the shadow of sé.

Communicate to others their discomfort, to exchange useful information represents the best in a simple phrase, such as: “my suffering is real”, and in the last analysis, the deepest desire of the gaze of the medical research will, hopefully, soon, turning, with less indifference towards this degeneration disabling of the vitreous body.