> If smoke goes up in smoke, even the beauty

The toxic components contained in a cigarette is absorbed systemically, considerably decrease capillary blood flow and arteriolar, resulting in ischemia of the dermis and altering the integrityà of the skin.

The skin loses the natural color and becomes gray.

atrophy of the capillaries under the skin is also responsible for the formation of couperose, and of the increase of the bearings in the cellulite.

Also the elastic fibres change, the skin loses tone and the face appearing more tired. This framework greatly facilitates the early formation of wrinkles, which are arranged in the form of a radial, especially around the lips and corners of the eyes.

This process is also favoured by the continuous movement of the lips in the act of sucking the smoke, which accentuates the wrinkles of this area of the già very fragile. The cloud that forms in each shot, finally, irritates the eyes and defending with frequent weeping and squeezed, encouraging the formation of micro wrinkles.

damage related to smoking are not visible immediately. The process is slow and it takes a few years to notice what the dermatologist describes as “smoker’s face” (the face of the smoker).

In Italy, there have been conducted some useful clinical observations to confirm that the “face of the smoker” is evident, especially after forty years of age; and wrinkles from cigarette are more noticeable on the face of women smokers than men.

The damages cover not only the facial skin but also the teeth that appear tarnished, yellowish, opaque, due to the formation of plaque and tartar, which in smokers is più hard and compact.

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The cigarette seems to influence also the hair health. According to an analysis published in the British Medical Journal in 1996, which involved more than 600 patients, smoking has been associated with the appearance of white hair, and early loss of hair.

The oxidizing will introduce in the matrix keratin which constitutes the hair, and are responsible for the loss of texture and shine, typical of smokers.

Finally, the association between smoking and exposure to the sun seems to greatly worsen the picture. The effect on the premature aging multiplies. By comparing the skin of women’s tanned, non-smokers and smokers, the degree of rugosità increases up to 6 times more in smokers.

(Source: Directorate General of health prevention, Office IX )


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