> Menstruation abundant, the better the spiral, the medications for the mouth

it was made a review of 24 studies, a total of 1001 women, who has demonstrated this greater effect of the spiral medicated.

And this is the best effect has been especially evident in the hyperplasias complicated, rather than simple ones, as a further confirmation of the effectiveness.

This spiral è, therefore, a true cure, even if it retains its contraceptive effect, as the spirals of copper.

In Italy it still happens that women asportino the uterus in these cases, the in spite of this the expose to a risk of surgical complications that would be possible to avoid, and some undergo even the removal of the ovaries (so what is the use of the più?) with the result of cause a surgical menopause, sudden, and often devastating, with disabling symptoms, both physical and psychological.

It is heard even to say “Becauseé you have to keep all these disorders? Asporti everything and then we take a replacement therapy that allows you to monitor the noise”.

it is intuitive that the inclusion of a spiral medicated, which reduces the menstruation up often to make them disappear, allowing the woman to get to the menopause physiological without problems, is a modeà much less invasive and with little side effects.

Have been described weight gain and changes in mood, but they are rare, and, however, reversible after removal of the device.

The only drawback is the price, but it is hoped that the ASL is put in place in the majority (many have già done) of the possibilityà to enter by paying only for the ticket.

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If not è clear that the women without the possibilityà economic are forced to the surgery, that sì free for them, but harmful and much more expensive for the Health Service.

In other words, in this case, to save or to not update, you do a harm to the users and they spend moreù.

Lisa Canitano


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February 14, 2012