> Birth control pills, does it hurt?

From our point of observation we hear so many things on the pill, or other hormonal contraceptives. The hormonal contraceptive, the pill, patch, stick, and now also the spiral for the women who have not had children, are used to inhibit l’ovulation, (to the spiral is a little different) in a way that can not occur fertilization.

we Know that the only real risk is that linked to the slight increase of the coagulabilità of the blood, which, if added to other risks, such as smoking, familiarà event type thrombosis in età young, big overweight, età, the sedentarietà, può increase the risk (but in the young and in the very young ⁢ così low, that the problem almost does not exist), to have negative side effects.

we Know that women who suffer from migraine true, especially with aura, should not take estrogen. In this case, as in the ones mentioned above, you canò to evaluate the use of the pill with only progestin, or just the spiral for women without children, who has a little bit of progestin.

we also Know forò that there are still many legends about the hormonal contraception, which allows for over fifty years women to live serenely in their sessualità, without the risk of getting pregnant.

The female hormones is a substance that is produced by the women daily, in quantity; sometimes very abundant, and not a noveltyà absolute to the body. Tumors ormonodipendenti are dependent on the natural hormones of the female body… does not change if is replaced with those of the pill, but controlled to take a dosage. The assays of the più high control better the blood loss, but a little losses are not a great price for a low dosage.

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there is No scientific evidence, then, to say that women taking hormonal contraceptives, with the precautions of cu to the above, have a worse state of health of the other.

So relax.

nothing happens in future pregnancies after having stopped the pill. Not c’è need to wait any period to get pregnant. If the forget a pill causes a risk of pregnancy, you realize that after a day già non c’è nè più, becauseè wait a month?

on the Contrary, if you become pregnant while taking the pill the risks are so low that we can safely bring forward the unexpected pregnancy.

nothing happens to your fertilityà. You restore immediately, sometimes after a few month, but not può happen nothing. And if this happens the cause is the pill, means that it would have happened anyway.

These are bias, well-known, but we are witnessing the birth of a new prejudice, mediated by the medicine.

Women who are subjected to ultrasound while taking the pill and being told: “the ovaries are put to sleep, suspend, così the wake up”.

Now, have you ever seen the ovaries of a woman who is breast feeding for example? Some who are asleep… the ovaries are programmed to sleep when not in use (pregnancy and nursing) and wake up when you need it.

there is no reason for svegliarle to see if they work, let sleep, is what you want to achieve when you take the pill. “But they are very small”, some that are small, are in hibernation, when you wake up will come backà the normal volume.

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in Short, when someone says “suspend a pò” remember that, throughout Europe, no one pauses periodically, there is nothing of the kind in the scientific literature, it’s not mentioned in the convention, if you tell a foreign colleague looks at you with a face that means, “oh, les italiens!!”.

The contraception means to children when we want them, and sex clear. Do not give up without a reason.

Attention: the pill does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections, use condoms, possibly associated with the coitus interruptus.


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18 marzo 2016