> Contraceptive pill: remedies when you jump, week-to-week

Many women call us and write to us saying, “I have forgotten to take the pill… I don’t know which, I don’t know how many, I don’t know when.. help, what can I do?”.

First, we say that not è così easy pregnant forgetting a pill, not because it; the effect lasts over time, not because it; are years that you take, but because; in general, the inhibition of the working of the ovaries is good.

The pill is a small amount; of the hormones that every day, with or without a pause of two, four or seven days, it shall inform the central control spot in the brain (the gland pituitary gland), not c’è no need to send commands, that all is well, that the ovaries are working well, which canò also be distracted.

of course is a lie, but the pituitary is not the può understand and, therefore, does not send commands to the ovaries, which are at rest, do not form follicles (the houses of the ovum) and becomes pregnant. The locking mechanism is the same that you have during the pregnancy, where are the powerful hormones produced by the placenta to reassure the pituitary gland, and, therefore, is a thing that in nature is usually.

The only side effect true on the pill is a slight increase in speedà in the clotting of blood for which the woman is at risk (high familiarityà for thrombosis ascertained as hereditary) and the smokers after the age of 35 should refrain from taking it, unless it is composed of only progestogen as the pill that you dà breast-feeding, or as thesubdermal implant.

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But back to forgetfulness. If the forgetting is in the first week you must check when we had unprotected sex for the last time, unfortunately, we come from the week of break, and the pituitary gland not feeling the più the reassuring hum of the pill is about to wake up.

If the missed pill is; the second, ahimè, we also discovered for the relationships he had had in the last four days. In short, four are perhaps too many, the sperm live a maximum of four days in the female genital apparatus, and ovulation does not happen right at the exact moment in which to forget the pill. However you have to remember that the forgetfulness of the first week may have a retroactive effect, and so you have to think, if you è had relations recently, to the possibilityà to take the emergency contraception.

as For what concerns the second week (but be careful, we always talk about forgetting a pill one, not of two, or più below or close to) the leaflet says to take it as soon as you can and just. I am of the old school, we do a week of regular intake before you start the protected sex we always do… I don’t say “face and pretend nothing”.

However, here is easy, because it; seven pills there are, you take to and recover the unprotected without problems.

The problems arise in the third week sì perchè lì the seven pills normal to take there are. The leaflet says or to suspend immediately and take the week off, but if it was the 14 I would not do that, or skip the break, and attach a new box.

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This is, of course, the option più safe. Make the break after 13 pills not is entirely a good idea, because; the pituitary gland does not è was held good for a long time, menstruation: returns immediately, best is always to take the più that of less. But the women that call me and write to me are afraid of the fact that we did not make the break. “But I will comeà menstruation? I will bring; evil? and if I do not come menstruation? and if I do the same with the pause?”.

Here is if you do the break the same, you need to use another precaution for the next days of the box, for the seven-day break, and for the first seven days of the new box.. but the perchè?

Every day of the unveiling exposes it to the risk. Maybe the condom break, or we’re taking the pill just because it; he does not use condoms or maybe we are allergic to latex.

Why is so afraid to jump the break, attacking the two boxes? There is now a pill that makes automatically pause every three months, there are some diseases that are cured just by taking the pill without a break.

sometimes it seems that women continue to consider menstruation as a sign of health, and a health risk to not have it. Not è absolutely così. You can skip the pause, as it also says on the leaflet, for many reasons.

Because; we have forgotten in the last week, because it; let’s go to the sea, because; we have a race, because; we’re getting married that day.. and so on, at your pleasure.

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bleeding is the periodic suspension of no use, with pills, low-dose often is not however, and there is no benefit to having it. That blood remains inside the body, it does not pollute anything, as they thought our grandmothers, simply does not go down because; it does not occur the lowering of the level of the hormone to sleep, and then do not form.

Then you can skip the break between the two boxes, by not making the pause of a week, or not taking the pills placebo but starting over from the active ” a new box without any problem. Not c’è nothing to fear.

sometimes skipping the break you can; check the spotting, small losses of blood, because; the uterus at a certain point, begins to menstruate, however, for his own account.

it is also good così (not è true that if there is spotting, it means that the pill does not work). Just make the break at that point, let it come out of the loop, and start over. Peacefully.

Lisa Canitano


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January 10, 2016