> Genetic: new findings on psoriasis

The genetic predisposition, in fact, does not coincide with the certainty of getting sick, but it indicates a risk 10 times higher than in the general population.

Despite the complexityà of the genetic component and the consequent difficultyà experimental, in the last decade, research on psoriasis has obtained important results thanks to the availabilityà of technologies and computer systems always più complex.

the efforts of The researchers aim to narrow the chromosomal regions responsible for the psoriasis: the possible responsible genes are located on chromosomes 6, 7, 1, 3, 4, 19.

In the last international meeting of the main groups of researchers, held in Nice in April 2002, they have emerged strong experimental evidence that the gene indicted on chromosome 6, the più intensively studied, both HLA-C, a gene responsible for the immune response.

The researchers, however, are convinced that the genetic predisposition to psoriasis is not caused by a single gene but by the interaction of più genes.

It reinforces the idea that there are chromosomal regions of usedà, i.e. regions within which to search for the gene of interest, that may have an effect on the più strong and others who have one child; the interaction between these genes determines, in a subject, the purchase louis vuittonà to disease.

in Fact, a research carried out at the Medical Genetics laboratory of the Università of Rome Tor Vergata, è was possible to identify a region of usedà, on chromosome 1 and is currently trying to identify the gene responsible.

The identification of genes responsible for usedà would provide a better understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease and, consequently, they may provide new targets against which to develop drugs and therapies più effective.

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keep in mind that the successes in the study of this disease require an active collaboration between basic researchers, clinical researchers and patients ‘ associations, given the difficultyà in do a rigorous selection of the sample, and an accurate medical history of the patients, which may occur, especially with a conscious availabilityà of families.

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