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The psoriasis is a skin disease is not infectious, chronic, known since the times of the egyptians, who in their papyri make mention of, and even Hippocrates dà a description very close to that used by the doctors of our days.

treatments include interventions of various kinds, from drugs to therapy, but they are equally important suggestions of a practical nature.

The patient, in fact, be stimulated to adopt a healthy lifestyle and proper by avoiding behaviors that worsen the condition of the disease, such as scratch the lesions, use soaps, cosmetics or clothing irritants (prefer cotton to wool or synthetic fibers), exposing ourselves to cold temperatures, and so forth.

Also the power supply può play an important and significant role. A proper diet does not directly affect the appearance or not of the disease psoriatic, but is important for the maintenance of good health and helps to decrease the moments of exacerbation.

The intake of some foods can; even aggravate the disease or be a triggering element, such as, on the contrary, a vegetarian diet with a few fats and few proteins può determine improvements.

Taking into account that every patient of psoriasis reacts in a different way, and può to develop a an unusualà toward a food rather than another, who is suffering from this disease should, however, eliminate or drastically reduce the foods that produce “heat”, that is; those energy-dense, such as red meat, sausages, eggs, butter, margarine, fried foods, salt, cheese, milk and milk derivatives, sugar, including alcohol, and spirits.

on The contrary, should give priority to whole grain bread, pasta, rice, legumes, vegetables, fruit and fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is poor on their skin.

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Not all of the vegetables and fruits, forò, è allowed to psoriatic. Recent studies, in fact, have shown that eggplant, raw tomatoes, peppers raw and cooked, artichokes, berries, apple raw persimmons are to be avoided, while it should be increased by the consumption of bitter greens such as chicory, radicchio, bitter gourd, watercress.

Very useful, then, would be to increase your water intake, up to at least two liters per day, given that in psoriasis, as in skin diseases generally, the skin is dry. The water purifies, hydrates, nourishes the skin, helps to mitigate the “fire” of the skin.

however, There are rules of conduct basic to the which the patient of psoriasis should follow, such as not to take alcoholic beverages in general and, in particular, all the spirits, and not to smoke, sinceé the abuse of alcohol and smoking are among the factors triggering the worsening of the disease.

Another good rule to follow is to maintain their body weight within the limits of the so-called “weight”.

the psychological traumas or emotional events stressful were considered to be among the factors able to trigger a psoriasis latent or even aggravate the psoriasis in the act, going so far as to affect the history of the disease.

Sinceé è recognized a trend in people affected by psoriasis to be più or less “fragile” from an emotional point of view, even dermatologists consider psychotherapy as a valid support to these sick people, if nothing else for the “management” of the great stress which it causes.

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