> Red wine: a glass increases the risk of breast cancer

The research, conducted together with the Università of Milan-Bicocca, and  Università di Heidelberg, claims that women who follow this advice have the 5% in più of the risk of getting cancer of the breast, compared to those who will not follow him.

Not only that, but if the glasses are two the risk still increases, and così with three, and so on, in short, the più they take and the worse it is.

another recent research says that there is a dose-confident alcohol for pregnant women, and that women should completely abstain when you are pregnant is when you are waiting to conceive.

in Short, in these times of crisis, the frontal attack to one of our major sources of export  sale on the domestic market does not bode well.

and Yet, as we have stopped smoking in the cinema, as we stopped to smoke in the homes of the children, at least untilé do not begin to smoke them.. (but hopefully they stop soon, helped by parents not smoking), così we will probably in the near future, stop to consider the wine a mate of the table.

C’è a little wine? No, non ce n’è! And sweet drinks and fizzy? No, No, don’t talk about it. And mineral water in plastic bottles? No, No, for charityà, when the warm up, which happens during the transport, the substances that pass into the circulation are estrogen minerals, that hurt as biological ones.

And then? then at the table you have to drink water, if you può, of the faucet. A maximum of with bubbles at home, in the water, “pallottine”. With the bags or with the machines.

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Or mineral water in glass bottles, if we can not do without it.


Lisa Canitano


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1 aprile 2012