> The fever and the choice of the drug antipyretic

We consider a normal body temperature not to exceed 37°C (measured in the inguinal or axillary), with 37.5°C (rectal measurement in children the body temperature is a few tenths più high.

The regulation of body temperature is a result of a thermal balance, where are involved several structures: the hypothalamus, sweat glands, mucous membranes, and circulatory system.

The temperature può be subject to minor variations during the day (an increase of 0.5-1°C in the late afternoon).

In women there is another type of variation related to the menstrual cycle; the temperature in the first two weeks è 0.5°C lower than the last two.

The control of temperature, women, può be used as an indication of the’ovulation. the

The choice of the drug antipyretic

Choose between an antipyretic and an anti-inflammatory that is the dilemma of every health. The response of the subject to the anti-inflammatory is very variable, there are patients who find relief fromibuprofen but not by other drugs.

All the antipyretics, with the exception of acetaminophen, can cause side effects a load of the gastrointestinal system. Among the nsaids ibuprofen seems to be better tolerated in the stomach.

A contraindication that is common to all of the fans &is an unusualà of aspirin, in fact, any anti-inflammatory can; cause.

You have to be careful when these medications are prescribed to children or women in pregnancy.

In these cases it is well to resort to drugs widely used and reasonably safe (acetaminophen, ac. acetyl salicylic acid, ibuprofen, naproxen).

it Is good to remember that the anti-inflammatory can displace a large number of drugs that bind to plasma proteins, can, in fact, occur troubling problems in the case of concomitant administration with anticoagulants (Walfarin), hypoglycemic (solfoniluree), metotraxato. the

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The choice of antipyretic should be made by the physician especially in children and in pregnant women. drugs più safe to use are: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, ac. acetyl salicylic acid.

dr. Cesare Augusto De Silvestri.


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