> The spiral medicated, effective against menstruation abundant

FromAmerican Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology comes to us with a new data encouraging on the spiral, così often ill-treated in our country.

In women who have a‘endometrial hyperplasia, who are the women who have menses very abundant, usually in the età, which precedes the menopause, put a spiral medicated to the progesteronethe best results that taking progestins by mouth.

24 studies for 1001 women have found a regression significantly larger for the Iud to the levonorgestrel that by taking the same type of medication by mouth.

the Iud is medicated can often go through the years that precede menopause, no bleeding, pain, problems.

This allows you to reduce all those although the safety and effectiveness (removal of the uterus and often the ovaries), we say così “for trivial reasons”, which  often women are subjected to, especially if you are followed or recommended by a gynecologist man with a strong abilityà surgical (what we must do, now with the uterus?).

After menopause, the menstruation pass, and così the bleeding, removes the spiral, and everything will be all right.

With good peace of the surgery useless.

Lisa Canitano


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Source: French ID et al, Am J Obstet Gynecol 2010; 203: 547.e1-547.e10