> The uterus retroverso, is that a problem?

Many years ago, when the mountains were high and the medicine was not a science (but it is not just a science, even now, in spite of is much better than a hundred years ago), gynaecologists began to visit the women.

Put two fingers inside, one hand on his stomach, and tried to understand what was in it.

When the uterus was lì beautiful shot towards the top (theuterus antiflesso), or at least straight (uterus, in axis) it was very easy. A hand here, a hand lì and the gynaecologist said ‘two months’, ‘three months’, ‘five months’.

The uterus, forò, è notoriously spiteful, and sometimes it was retroverso (upside-down upside-giù), or retroflex (folded back) or, god forbid, retroverso inflection.

The poor gynecologist then began to sweat, the lady complained, and pulls, and push, and straighten the end of the cast, and he had not understood almost nothing.

As a solution that is fought on the patient, and a little angry, and even sweaty said “she has the uterus retroverso!”, or retroflexed, or retroverso flexed, or another useless description.

The poor thing felt like a pariah, a bad, a wreck of humanityà.

we’re Not talking about when you had to do a curettage the curette in a gesture a bit awkward for the doctor was drilling the anterior wall of the uterus is not going to cavità, becauseé the cavità was under. Then had pain.. “she has the uterus retroverso, dear lady!”.

Così the gynecologists corrected women. They opened the belly, took the uterus, it ran nicely, attacked him, to the front of the belly, closed.. took the money.. and they were also convinced (and this is the real tragedy) to do the right thing.

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To justify this unnecessary intervention at that point, the uterus retroverso became in charge of everything: sterilità, menstrual pain, prolapse. Instead, it takes up only a little in sexual positions ‘deep’ becauseé the body is a little più below.

Are old enough to have seen the last women operated out of the uterus retroverso and from having seen professor Charles Sbiroli, that he did not know how to stop this practice, say at a conference: “anyone who operates a woman’s uterus retroverso at this point of our knowledge, può be sued for personal injury”.

The medicine change, for luck, patients toò then tell the medical stuff like the legend of the grandmother, and she understands. The grave is when they do the doctors.

Tell all, the uterus retroverso is normal.

Lisa Canitano


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14 June 2014