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decreasing the number of smokers among the adult men and the young, but it still remains high among adult women, attracted by the false image of smoking as a liberated woman, and with più charming.

The truthà è that the smoke, instead ofè to increase the charm of woman, causes serious damage not only to health, but also beauty.

The wrinkles appear più quickly, fingers and teeth turn yellow, your hair loses vitalityà and shine.

smoking is an enemy of pregnancy, because in addition to expose the woman directly to the risks of cigarette endangers the health of the unborn child, a victim of passive smoking

The emancipation does not pass for the smoke

The cigarette still has today an attractive charm on the women. Many are the reasons that favor the initiation of smoking among these, the desire to appear bold and emancipated, and the attractiveness of the gestualità linked to cigarette smoking are definitely the più relevant to the female sex.

The difficult conquest of the parità with men by women is unfortunately accompanied by a gradual increase in the smokers, which is also continued in the years in which you è began to observe a decrease in the number of male smokers. Only recently, there is a stabilization of the number around 17%, but the number still remains high.

The challenge for the future is to encourage women to achieve emancipation, autonomy, and safety, goals that don’t need smoke to succeed; it is therefore necessary to continue to inform women about the effects of smoking and to increase the awareness of the importance of the adoption of healthy life styles.

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The harm of smoking are actuallyà the now well-studied and known, and are particularly relevant in women.

consider, for example, cancer of the lung, which are very rare in the past in the female population, has registered a significant increase, so much so that it has become the third leading cause of death in Italy after cancer of the breast and of the bowel.

5.600 deaths from lung cancer, approximately 3,500 are attributable to smoking; and to them should be added 2,000 deaths for other cancers and 5-10.000 deaths from other diseases related to smoking, for a total of 10-15.000 deaths per year among women in Italy.

(Source: Directorate General of health prevention, Office IX )


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