> The caesarean a needà to many 40s

in Short, it’s not the willà  mums nè, as often is reported, by advice not too interested in the health of the structure, where you choose to give birth.

shows a survey of the Sidip, the Companyà  the Italian of Prenatal Diagnosis, based on the responses of 150 obstetricians italians to a specific questionnaire.

According to data collected by the Sidip, in Italy, therefore, more than 60 percent of the patients in their forties pregnant observed had recourse to the caesarean section. Of particular interest, also, is the given according to which the caesarean is the type of delivery preferred, especially in cases of pregnancy by artificial insemination.

women più elderly, in fact, are resorting more frequently to these practices and, for the same reason, are more frequent the twin pregnancies.

It is observed, indeed, that women who had conceived as a result of therapies of fertilityà ran a greater risk of having a pregnancy with complications, such as malposition of the placenta, threatening abortion or preterm delivery”.

“our goal – explains Claudio Giorlandino, president of the Sidip – was to understand the reasons for the increased appeal to the ‘birth surgical’ in women elderly.

This figure was già  emerged from a research conducted in the United States, by the National Istitutes oh Health (NIH) and had considered a sample lot of certificates of childbirth, but you è treaty only of a statistical study the general and not analysed the reasons for such a custom.”



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Page published on 22 October 2007