> Aids, now the fight is to the hits of rap and spot

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the population about the importance of prevention and, in particular, on the use of the condom as the main instrument of protection against Hiv infection and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The campaign foresees the realization of a poster campaign and a tv spot. But c’è a noveltyà  compared to the past: the creation and dissemination of a piece of music rap, for the fight against Hiv in time to the music.

The commercial for the tv sarà  shot in the next few days by director Francesca Archibugi and will beà  presented in preview to the press the next 30 November. Featuring two pairs of teenagers and adults whose stories intersect in a pharmacy at the airport. The conclusion of the spot è entrusted to the actress Ambra Angiolini, già  testimonial radio campaign last summer. The spot andrà  aired in January 2008 on the major television networks and film circuits.

The track of rap music, which will beà  sent on the main circuits radio at the national level, sarà  created by Antonello Fassari, actor and performer of television dramas. On the front of the billboard in the main cityà of  Italian will be fed by the spring of 2008 prevention messages and information aimed at specific target groups (people living with hiv, homosexuals, migrant population, etc).

But the noveltyà  do not end here. On the occasion of World Aids Day, which is celebrated all over the world the first of December, the ministry of Health has organized, in collaboration with the voluntary associations and patients più representative at the national level, “Scratch AIDS Away”, the first Dj Set of the Festival dedicated to young people. The goal is to educate and inform them using music and language to their più close.

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AIDS – HIV Infection and women at risk of più.

Page published on 20 November 2007