> Aids, significant reduction of the estimates on the spread of the virus in the world.

According to the new estimates, the number of people affected by the virus in the world, ‘ informs a press release of the Italian Observatory on Global Action against AIDS – is passed from 40 million (in 2006) to 33.2 (in 2007 – 16% less).

The reductions in più significant were recorded in India, Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. The variation of the estimates compared to last year is, in part, due to the effectiveness of programmes for the fight against HIV/AIDS, but the biggest difference would come from the improved availabilityà for  specific studies on the population that have helped make the più precise ‘ update – previous estimates.

In particular, in Kenya and Zimbabwe, where the Italian NGO of the Observatory operate with a total of seven projects, the decrease depends on the lowest number of new cases, thanks to the reduction of risk behaviours, the effect of the campaigns of education and prevention. The Italian Observatory on Global Action against AIDS welcomes the correction of the estimates on the prevalence of HIV-announced – with clarity and correctness -a few days ago from UNAIDS and WHO.

The new data are certainly an indicator that the financial resources provided by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria; PEPFAR (President’s emergency Plan of the United States for the treatment of AIDS ); the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, and bilateral donors are beginning to give positive results in some Countries. These data are also the first sign of good omen, after years of attempts, and indicate the possibilityà to  slow down if not stop the spread of the pandemic, but for this, you should not lower the level of attention vis-à-vis the fight against AIDS. As supported by Peter Piot, Executive Director UNAIDS, “These data provide us with a picture of the più light of the Aids epidemic, revealing the challenges and the opportunitiesà to .

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Without a doubt, we are beginning to see the result of the investment: (a) mortalityà  and new Hiv infections are in decline, but it is necessary to increase efforts to significantly reduce the impact of Aids in the world”. According to the Italian Observatory on Global Action against AIDS is necessary for all of the donors, public and private, not to lose sight of the realityà and . The estimates indicate that in 2007, over 33 million people worldwide were affected with HIV, new infections were 2.5 million and more than 2 million people have died of AIDS. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region più affected, with moreù two-thirds (68%) of people with hiv / aids at the global level and più three-quarters (76%) of all deaths from AIDS in 2007. In addition, unlike other regions, Sub-Saharan Africa, over 22 million hiv-positive people the majority are women (61%).

Even in the presence of early, positive signals that Governments should not lower the guard! To keep the promise made at the international level, to achieve the goal of universal access to prevention, care and treatment of AIDS by 2010, the resources still need to be increased, according to those that were commitments. Especially in Africa, where the epidemic is still strong, but at the same time, it is been shown that efforts are appropriate, that they can achieve concrete results, lacking the financial resources to maintain this trend, to ensure activitiesà  preventive medicine and also in the areas of più peripheral and rural areas, often far from health services, già of  weak.

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especially In these areas, the stigma of vulnerable groups is still strongly rooted and the discrimination of women is the issue of fundamental importance to be addressed to stop the cycle of events that feeds the epidemic. You must, therefore, handle with care the new data, the result of major successes in the counting methodologies and statistical analysis più that indicators in the defeat of Aids.

The Italian Observatory on Global Action against AIDS is a network of 23 NGOS and Italian and international companies in the fight against AIDS and in the fight against poverty;  through the activation of processes of development and humanitarian interventions. In 2007, the NGO of the Observatory have enabled the 81 projects of combating the pandemic in a 32-country poor, reaching over 6 million beneficiaries.

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AIDS – HIV Infection and women at risk of più.

Page published on 30 November 2007