> Diabetes in Italy, costs the State € 5.3 billion per annum

“For each patient – has explained yesterday in Milan, Pietro Forestieri, president of the Sicob (Società  the Italian surgery of obesityà  and metabolic diseases) – spent an average of 1,250 euros every year for diagnostic tests, 300 euros for the pharmacological treatments and 1,500 euros for the treatment of related diseases, as is apparent from the results of a research conducted in 2007 in three hospitals of milan, Fondazione Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Mangiagalli e Regina Elena, to assess the economic impact of diseases linked to obesityà  in particular, the diabetes, on the budget of our Nhs.

Only in Lombardia region there are 400 thousand of the sick will be leaving. “To which we should add as many diabetics that do not know it, for a total cost of approximately a billion euros a year”, calculates Roberto Sacco, head of the Department of surgery of the hospital Humanitas Gavazzeni in Bergamo.

“an investigation recently conducted by the Department of internal medicine at the Università  Turin, together with the epidemiological Observatory of the Piedmont Region – intervenes Strangers is found that the consumption of pharmaceuticals per annum of the obese patients diabetes it reaches the 832 euros, against an average of 183 euros for the non-diabetic”.

The surgical treatment of diabetes, presented in the capital of lombardy, would not only contribute to improving the lives of millions of people in the world who are forced to take medicines on a daily basis and to make regular checks, but would allow the Nhs to save billions of euros every year, concluded the experts.

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Page published on the 15th November 2007